Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tea Cookies, properly named 'Hamantaschen'

High Tea.  Have you ever had one?  Its such a fun experience and brings out a little bit of childhood girlishness in me.  Dainty little tea cups, beautifully tiered serving trays, homespun lace, fancy sandwiches and delicate little cookies.  I love this sort of thing, and I absolutely cant wait to buy Eva Pearl her first little tea set.

I was organizing my refrigerator the other day and picked up a jar of my mother-in-law's DELICIOUS strawberry jam.  I started to think of ways I could use the jam and it hit me, thumb print cookies!!  These type of cookies are so tender and buttery, and with a tiny dab of jam or preserves in the middle they are perfectly sweet.

So I went to Elana's website and found a recipe using jam.  They are called Hamantaschen;  A pastry traditionally eaten during the Jewish holiday of Purim.  Because I have no idea how to pronounce it, I am calling them Tea Cookies! (click this link for the recipe)

These are so delicious and delicate, definitely appropriate for an afternoon tea :)  I had a hard time keeping them in the triangle shape, (the mess up cookies were SOO good to eat, just not pretty) so next time I think I will make cut outs, and style them more like linzer sandwiches.  This was very easy to make, and definitely DELICIOUS, even my little 1st grade friend Lexi, loved them :)

My first pan of "mess ups"... Yummm!

Well, I am going to finish enjoying my afternoon cup of Tazo tea, and get Eva up from her nap!  I hope you have a beautiful day

Love Sara

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  1. Wow...those look awesome... and if I am not mistaken, I have some of YOUR fabulous strawberry jam in my fridge.... I might make some tonight!

    Wish I was there to sip some tea with you...miss you so much sweet sister!