Friday, February 25, 2011

Asparagus and Rosemary Fritatta

Its cold and snowy today in Central Ohio.  Most of the schools are closed, our county is under a level 1 snow emergency and I am enjoying Billy as he is working from home.  It is a winter wonderland outside my window; so I felt inclined to make a warm comforting breakfast.  My family was always big on breakfast, and I can remember snow days and weekends when my mom would make a big beautiful breakfast, breaking out her table cloths, china and fine drinking glasses.  She made it so special and its part of the reason why breakfast is my favorite meal of the day :)
Well, last night we had AMAZING Cajun fish and asparagus for dinner!  (I was going to take a picture and post but we devoured it so quickly I forgot!)  I woke up this morning thinking about my delicious asparagus and that in the coming months the farmers market will be open and beautiful, in season, asparagus will be plentiful!  I cant wait for that.  But until then my whole foods frozen asparagus will do, its still delicious. 

I wanted to make a hearty, healthy, satisfying breakfast and use some of my asparagus from last night.  Then it hit me.  I remembered watching someone on the food network whip up a frittata!  I've never made one before today, and honestly have never given them much thought.  Boy have I been missing out!!  Frittata's are like omelets but without all the hard work.  So I threw together some flavors I thought would be good, and it turned out WONDERFULLY!!

I used:

6 pastured eggs
salt and pepper to taste
a sprinkle of dry mustard (probably 1/2 teaspoon)
1 teaspoon of fresh chopped Rosemary

I whisked this all very well in my Kitchen aid until light and fluffy.

In an oven proof skillet I sauteed over medium heat:
(I used a good amount of coconut oil to saute)

1 small onion
5 spears of chopped Asparagus
1 small clove of garlic

once the veggies were tender I poured the egg mixture into the skillet so the eggs could set on the bottom.  Then I transferred the pan into a preheated 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes or until set.

I loosened the edges of the frittata and flipped it onto a sering plate. 

I topped the frittata with cheese and set under the broiler just to melt the cheese.  (I used oven safe dishes, but you could leave it in the pan and just top with cheese and set under broiler)

Then I topped with fresh chopped green onion.

It was so easy and DELICIOUS.  The possibilities are endless.

Do you have any good fritatta recipes???  Send them my way, I'm officially obsessed :)

Well, I'm going to go cozy up on the couch now with my coffee! Hope you have a great day :)

Love Sara


  1. That looks delicious!!!! I have always whipped up fritattas on my crazy diets and agree that they are the most wonderful and delicious way to eat an egg!!! I will make this soon and eat it throughout the week...Poor Kerry...he doesn't eat MORE FOR ME!!!!!

  2. Hey sarah. You have to try leftover spaghetti fritattas. Yummy way to use leftover pasta.

  3. Nicole! That is such a good idea. I will try for sure :) Thanks!